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Montross Virginia Festivals

​     On behalf of the Town of Montross, we cordially invite you to escape the "City Life" for awhile and plan a visit to our unique area. Replace the hum of the cars outside your home or office with humming birds flying around in the bright sun and the crickets chirping in the soft night air. Step back to a time when it was fun to stop and smell the roses on the corner, walk to the library and shake hands with the folks that you meet along your journey in life. The greater Montross area is literally overflowing with the historic sites, sounds and events that helped found our great nation.

     Accommodations range from standard motel, bed 'n' breakfasts to a recently fully restored elegant 18th century inn. Food offerings range from the simplest fare, an upscale coffee house with art gallery, dinners that will tantalize the pallet of the most discriminating gourmet and local seafood offerings with the best available anywhere.

     Please plan to spend some time with us in the lap of "Historyland" and meet some of the friendliest people in the world.........we're confident you will want to come back soon.

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